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One goal. Prevent cancer.

At the RUNX1 Research Program (RRP), we are focused on supporting patients with RUNX1 Familial Platelet Disorder by funding world-class research and empowering our patient community.

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We at the RRP are committed to finding a pre-leukemic cure for the inherited blood disorder RUNX1-FPD.  

We promote awareness, connect stakeholders, fund and support targeted and innovative research, and advocate for patients in the RUNX1 community.

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The RRP Team

Monica and Tim Babich co-founded RRP in late 2015 and are Co-Directors still today. Dr. Katrin Ericson joined the organization as Executive Director in October 2018. Amanda Eggen (updated team picture to come!) is our new Patient Engagement and Clinical Program Manager.

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Executive Director

Dr. Ericson brings to the RRP a diverse set of experiences that span multiple sectors of the scientific and medical landscape. Most recently, she was at Amgen working in the Medical Affairs department for close to 8 years.

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